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Coletores de Impurezas e Filtros SF 2.00I

Aplicações para grandes diâmetros

Características Técnicas

Conexão Flangeada: 

DN 50 - 1000

Pressão Nominal:

PN 16 - 40


50 ºC (opcional 450 ºC)


Líquidos, gases e vapor d'água





Descrição do produto

Strainers protect plant and equipment such as regulators, valves, measuring equipment against damage or operational failure caused by contamination. They are essential for start-up as well as continuous operation.
SF 2.00I is a welded construction made of steel, optionally of stainless steel or special materials such as Duplex, Hastelloy® or Monel. The basket strainer is equipped with a ventilation sleeve in the cover and with a drain plug in the bottom of the body. Owing to the basket posed perpendicularly to the direction of flow and the straight throughflow, pressure loss in the dirt collecting chamber is relatively small. For larger nominal diameters, the installation of a strainer with the cover pointing upwards is recommended.
Various versions, materials and accessories are available (see options).
Cleaning is extremely simple and quick. Only the cover has to be removed for dismantelling.


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