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Coletores de Impurezas e Filtros FI 6.06

Filtro de aço inox

Características Técnicas

Conexão Flangeada:  DN 15 - 50

Conexão Roscada: 

G 1/2 - 2

Pressão Nominal:

PN 16


190 ºC


Gases e vapor d'água






Descrição do produto

Filters are used to retain contaminants present in fluids. FI 6.06 is entirely manufactured from deep-drawn stainless steel featuring excellent corrosion resistance. For this reason it is used for the filtration of corrosive gases and liquids.
Top and bottom sections of the valve body are connected by a clamp ring and two bolts. Servicing/maintenance is easy and does not call for special tooling.
Two different types of tube filters can be fitted in the filter body. Type P: High quality pleated 3-ply filter element (fabric/metallic fibre fleece/ fabric)
Type S: Filter element made of sintered stainless steel

Low pressure loss and large dirt retention capacity ensure long life and minimise servicing and maintenance.
The filter may be cleaned by blowing through with compressed air or steam or flushing using a suitable cleaning agent. The best results are obtained by ultrasonic cleaning in an aqueous solution.


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